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With the advent of new technologies (particularly those enabling real-time video communication), telehealth is becoming an increasingly common means of providing healthcare services. Telehealth has some distinct advantages, the most obvious of which is convenience. Patients have quicker access to healthcare when they need it, and practices can cut the costs associated with meeting, managing, […]


Dept. of Defense Cybersecurity Deadline Approaching With an eye toward securing potentially sensitive information, the U.S. Department of Defense has spent the past few years updating its cybersecurity regulations covering defense contractors and subcontractors. The major 2015 hack at the Office of Personnel Management has, among other incidents, served as a catalyst, and the new […]


WannaCry Global Ransomware Attack On Friday, a massive global ransomware attack (using the ransomware known at WannaCry or Wanna Decryptor) attacked thousands of computer networks in over 150 countries.  Reports this morning indicate that as workers return to their computers and continue to open phishing emails, the attacks are continuing to spread again.  (The attack […]


How the Order Affects Federal Cybersecurity On Thursday, President Trump signed an executive order on cybersecurity.  (The full text of the order can be found here.)  The order had been discussed and anticipated in the cybersecurity community for a long time–dating back to the Obama administration.  It’s been generally well-received in the cybersecurity community. There […]


Cybersecurity Should be Part of Your Planning Cybersecurity has become a priority for policymakers at every level of government and a major point of emphasis for businesses in nearly every sector. Not surprisingly, some think it will be the biggest issue companies will face in 2017. While major security breaches at large corporations like Yahoo […]


BYOD Makes Sense for Austin Small Businesses More and more, Austin is becoming a recognized leader in small business. CNBC named Austin the No. 1 place to start a business in America, and from 2010-2013, the number of small businesses grew by 7 percent, the highest rate in the nation. We can maintain that lead […]