Austin IT Support

Our IT services provide your company with increased agility, increased network up-time, comprehensive security and cost savings on your IT spending.

Managed IT solutions allow you to have the  IT capabilities, expertise and network and application reliability that larger businesses depend on, without the large expense of investing in these resources ‘in-house.’

Our managed IT services consist of five main elements:  pro-active remote network monitoring; expert help-desk support; managed data recovery and business continuity services; access to on-site technician support; and regular IT consulting services.

Our certified, experienced technicians are monitoring your network 24/7/365–all servers, all desktops and laptops, and  all mobile devices if desired–to make sure it’s all protected and that all hardware and software applications are working correctly.  Our technicians are actively updating security patches from our national database of current security risks, making sure anti-virus software is updated and watching for signals of impending issues.  If they see items that need to be addressed, they’re able to remotely log-in to your network to address the issue before it becomes an issue.

At the beginning of every engagement, we’ll sit down and meet with you to make sure we understand your business and technology needs.  We’ll give you all of the information you need to make informed decisions and we’ll use our experience and expertise to make sure your technology meets all industry requirements.