safe cloud

One of the major paradigm shifts in IT for businesses of all sizes — but especially small business — is the move to the cloud. There has been resistance to this from many small businesses because of concerns about data loss and data security. But the truth of the matter is that in many, many […]


It seems like news of security breaches has become so common, so frequent that they all blend together. When you stop and look at a list of major breaches from the past year, the scale of the threat becomes starker. So, here is a reminder of some of the big and notable breaches from 2019. […]


There are lots of compelling reasons to move to the ‘cloud.’ Fear of getting left behind because ‘everybody’s doing it’ isn’t one of them. The compelling reasons for moving to the cloud–that is, adopting remote data-center-based storage, applications and infrastructure–include key benefits such as predictable subscription pricing, avoiding hardware upkeep, avoiding heavy up-front capital expenditures, […]


There are, of course, many good reasons to have your data back-up in the cloud. But for many businesses, cloud-only is not the answer. For these companies, a hybrid cloud/on-prem back-up is ideal. A hybrid solution backs up your data locally – such as to a hard-drive or server located in your office – and […]


Over the decades, the laptop and notebook computers have become a staple of business computing. In fact, notebooks and laptops now outsell desktops among the hundreds of millions of personal computers sold today. However, outside the introduction of the hybrid ‘2 -in-1’ laptop/tablets introduced several years ago, there hasn’t been a major disruption in the […]


It’s of course best to do everything you can within reason and appropriate budget to avoid cybersecurity incidents at your business. However, you do need to be prepared to respond to a serious cybersecurity event, such as a hack or other breach. No defenses or planning can ensure 100% security. In the case of a […]