For all the problems technology solves, there are still times when the software and equipment that power our lives and livelihoods feel more like burdens than enablers. Your tech problems are sometimes mundane incidents — an employee’s Excel spreadsheet is frozen, or there’s a spinning beach ball of death where your cursor used to be. […]


What The AWS Outage Teaches Us On February 28, a part of Amazon’s cloud service went down for several hours, causing widespread failures of web sites and web apps hosted on the platform.  Amazon’s AWS S3 service had an interruption at one of their data centers on the East Coast of the US and resulted […]


(This article was written by Adam Levy, owner of Magnet Solutions Group, and originally appeared in Medical Economics.) While the widespread adoption of electronic health records (EHRs) among healthcare providers is here, the dramatic boost in efficiency across the healthcare system that was supposed to accompany this shift has yet to be fully realized. It […]


Hashing Algorithm Already On the Way Out Google announced this week that a team of its researchers had definitively broken SHA-1, a hashing algorithm that has been widely used across the internet. A hashing algorithm, or cryptographic hash function, is a mathematical construct used in cybersecurity to validate the authenticity of files.  Using the function, any […]


This article originally appeared at Following a July ruling against medical testing laboratory LabMD (which is now out of business), the Federal Trade Commission has emerged as a central regulator of cybersecurity practices for U.S. businesses. The FTC’s mandate to act on “unfair or deceptive” business practices that could harm consumers is being interpreted […]


The Varieties of Cloud Computing Cloud computing is something we hear about all of the time.  And, in fact, it’s something that most of us use all of the time in our personal lives.  When you share a file on Dropbox or send an email via Gmail or even search on Google, you’re using cloud computing–in […]