Hashing Algorithm Already On the Way Out Google announced this week that a team of its researchers had definitively broken SHA-1, a hashing algorithm that has been widely used across the internet. A hashing algorithm, or cryptographic hash function, is a mathematical construct used in cybersecurity to validate the authenticity of files.  Using the function, any […]


This article originally appeared at Following a July ruling against medical testing laboratory LabMD (which is now out of business), the Federal Trade Commission has emerged as a central regulator of cybersecurity practices for U.S. businesses. The FTC’s mandate to act on “unfair or deceptive” business practices that could harm consumers is being interpreted […]


The Varieties of Cloud Computing Cloud computing is something we hear about all of the time.  And, in fact, it’s something that most of us use all of the time in our personal lives.  When you share a file on Dropbox or send an email via Gmail or even search on Google, you’re using cloud computing–in […]

Cloud Computing Services Austin

References to “the cloud” have become quite common in business today, and it’s helpful to understand the differences between IaaS and PaaS, which are two types of cloud computing services.   Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Basics Infrastructure as a Service, or IaaS, is a type of cloud computing and has become a popular topic […]


Modern cyber security requires that individuals and businesses pay close attention to developments in digital data and storage, and many companies deal with files that require compliance with HIPAA rules and cyber security. HIPAA is an acronym for the “Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act,” and it was a law designed to protect health care […]

Microsoft Teams

At the beginning of November, Microsoft announced an addition to its Office 365 program: Microsoft Teams. Immediately after its release, the press began calling it the “Slack killer” because of the special features within it that were designed to compete with Slack. Microsoft expects the new feature to be available to the public in early […]