Dell Boomi, an integration-platform-as-a-service company with offices in Austin, recently released its new cloud-based enterprise integration platform. Amid touting its flexibility to manage data across hybrid IT architectures, the new release focuses on one relevant issue: improvements in data security. As the cloud becomes more widely adopted, discussion around its security has mushroomed. When RightScale conducted its […]


Small business owners who don’t consider tech their strongest suit, cloud computing might be unfamiliar at best and daunting at worst. Many realize moving computer resources and data from an in-house arrangement to a shared on-demand environment makes sense in many ways, but the different X-as-a-service terms related to the cloud can be confusing. But […]


As our world grows increasingly connected, cyberattacks on businesses and institutions are becoming more common. In May, we saw the ransomeware WannaCry wreak havoc on more than 200,000 computers across the world. The Petya virus, meanwhile — which has affected global brands such as Mondelez International, advertising giant WPP and oil producer Rosneft — has […]


The Amazon Web Services (AWS) outage at the end of February – caused by a simple typo – had widespread effects across the web. Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) hosts a wide variety of data, and more than 140,000 unique domains make use of it.Amazon has identified human error as the cause. And although data wasn’t lost, there was […]


The news this past week included another major data breach.  This time, it was a database that included 198 million voter records.  1.1 terabytes of personally identifiable information of American voters, including their names and addresses and rankings of their political leanings.  The database was assembled by a political consulting company named Deep Root Analytics. […]


Last month, the WannaCry ransomware attack, according to Reuters, struck more than 150 nations, affecting upwards of 200,000 computers. Cyence, a firm specializing in cyber-risk modeling, estimated the total economic damage to be around $4 billion. Victims ranged from individual users to massive organizations, including transportation systems in Germany, a communications firm in Spain and hospitals […]