sql server 2005

Microsoft Ends Support For SQL Server 2005 To quote Microsoft: “If you are still running SQL Server 2005 after April 12, 2016, you will no longer receive security updates. Now is the time to upgrade to SQL Server 2014 and Azure SQL Database to achieve breakthrough performance, maintain security and compliance, and optimize your data […]


No, I didn’t misspell the title–as most of you already know. I would suspect all of you have received email from what look like legitimate companies and then…turn out not to be. That is pretty much it. These are criminals fishing to see who will bite. You have heard me constantly mention having good antivirus […]

the cloud

Many businesses today (over)rely on email as the single most important tool in the office. Beyond just communication, it’s fair to state that many teams use it as a tool for document storage, verification of transactions, communication recording and timeline identification.  (I would add that if this is your level of dependence on email, your team might want to […]


  In a traditional computing environment, a single computer runs a single operating system and several applications.  If you have ever viewed the CPU (central processing unit) usage on your computer running a Windows operating system, you have seen that usage often hovers around the 25% level and spikes from time to time as applications […]


Software as a service (SaaS) is a software distribution model where software is licensed under subscription by service providers hosting applications for client organizations over a private network or the internet. Typically, users will access this software with nothing more than an internet browser or, in some cases, a mobile application. Today you will find […]


The term “cloud computing” has been floating around the Austin IT world for close to 10 years.  Recently, the term has become part of our regular vernacular although I don’t believe most people really understand its meaning or implications–even here in tech-friendly Austin. Cloud Computing Solutions in Austin, TX Cloud computing is a growing suite […]