Offering BDR Solutions As Part of Our Austin Managed IT Services On first glance it might seem a little dramatic to many readers to have a picture of an historic flood for a post on IT backup and disaster recovery, but if your business has ever been affected by data loss, you might think the […]

Healthcare IT

Austin Medical Practices Face IT Security Risks Austin medical practices and healthcare facilities, like medical practices throughout the country, face increased healthcare IT security threats.  This is not really new news.  But the Fifth Annual Benchmark Study on Privacy & Security of Healthcare Data (conducted by the Ponemon Institute). a survey of 90 healthcare organizations and […]

Healthcare IT

Ten IT Risks Facing Your Austin Healthcare Practice Healthcare practices in Austin, like healthcare practices everywhere, depend on information technology to be able to run their daily tasks.  Computer technology plays a vital role in the way you serve and interact with your patients.  And thanks to huge advances in computing technology in recent years […]


Amazon Envisions the Cloud Today, Amazon Web Services–its collection of cloud offerings–is a leader in an industry it had a major part in creating.  AWS is a sprawling ecosystem with data centers around the world serving major corporate and government clients (including the CIA and NASA), changing the way internet startups get launched (including Pinterest) […]


What is Managed Hosting? Many people have heard the term ‘managed hosting’ but don’t know exactly what it refers to and how it can benefit their business. The term is open to interpretation depending on you who talk to, since each service provider may offer a slightly different version of ‘managed hosting.’ Managed hosting is […]


Managed Print Services (MPS): Visibility & Control Of Your Printing Managed print services can help not only boost productivity and reduce waste by printing in the most efficient way possible, but also provide document security and real-time analysis. When you outsource document workflow and printer management, you gain the freedom from having to worry about providing […]