Hacking and cyber criminal activity continues to grow and plague businesses of all sizes, and file sharing service Dropbox recently announced that information from 68 million user accounts that were hacked in 2012 recently appeared online. Dropbox is only one of several websites that have reported extensive hacking activity in the past few years. When […]


One of the most common hassles for today’s business owners is spam, which has become more of a nuisance than actual junk mail delivered by the Post Office. Today, unsolicited emails can be more than annoying.  They can be dangerous.  So-called phishing emails seek to gather private company data, gain private network access or download malicious software, […]


Internet Protocol (IP) addresses are used to identify a variety of devices that connect to the internet like computers or other network devices. An IP address is a 32-bit number, and it’s a number you might see when setting up your home’s router. It’s a series of numbers separated by four periods. The purpose of […]


The evolution of Microsoft Windows has occurred over several decades, and many working professionals today remember the fervor over the arrival of Windows 95, which introduced the world to a radically improved version of the operating system. In the two decades since that introduction, Microsoft has released several versions of its famous operating system with […]


What is Delve? Delve is a program from Microsoft that works as a data visualization and discovery application that comes as part of the Office 360 suite of programs. The program utilizes machine learning and can search your company’s networks, as well as information on the internet, such as data from social media posts. Within […]

What Does That LinkedIn Purchase Mean

On June 2016, Microsoft bought LinkedIn for more than 26 billion dollars making it the largest cash purchase ever conducted by the technology titan. Microsoft described the sale as one that would join the “leading professional cloud” with the “leading professional network.” However,  the purchase has Microsoft users and LinkedIn members wondering what will change after […]