What Do Firewalls Do? Firewalls block unwanted traffic in networks, parts of networks or operating systems.  They originally came onto the market in 1992 and are now virtually everywhere–but definitely not the entire answer to security.  Check out our latest IT video to learn a little more.


What Is Ransomware and CryptoLocker? This is a question that has been coming up a lot more frequently in the last few years unfortunately.  Ransomware is a type of malware that affects its victims by encrypting part of their network or data.  It’s a money-making scheme done to make sure that people aren’t able to get their […]


Key Terms in Data Back-Up and Disaster Recovery RTO and RPO in DRAAS.  Now, that’s a lot of acronyms, even for IT.  RTO stands for Recovery Time Objective.  RPO stands for Recovery Point Objective.  DRAAS stands for disaster-recovery-as-a-service. Disaster-recovery-as-a-service is the replication of your network by a third-party to provide failover and data recovery in […]

Microsoft EMS

Microsoft’s Answer for The Consumerization of IT   Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite–more commonly referred to as EMS–is Microsoft’s answer to the issue of managing access and security in an age when company employees are using their personal devices for work (BYOD or CYOD). It’s an umbrella package that includes Azure Active Directory Premium, Microsoft Intune […]

microsoft azure

Azure, Microsoft and the Cloud Microsoft Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing platform.  Google has Google Cloud Platform, Amazon has Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google has Google cloud platform.  Amazon was the first mover in the cloud computing for businesses world, leveraging its own data centers and excess computing to offer outsourced computing to businesses. Azure […]

MS Office 365

Microsoft’s Office Cloud Our latest video is a quick overview of Office 365.  Office 365 is Microsoft’s cloud offering of its traditional Office suite of business applications.  Instead of purchasing a desktop version of Office 2016 for every employee, you can instead have a month-to-month (or year-to-year, depending on the plan) SAAS subscription to the applications for each user. All […]