The Benefits of Managed Print

Managed Print Services (MPS): Visibility & Control Of Your Printing

Managed print services can help not only boost productivity and reduce waste by printing in the most efficient way possible, but also provide document security and real-time analysis. When you outsource document workflow and printer management, you gain the freedom from having to worry about providing hardware, consumables, strategy and support with anything “printing” related. MPS can provide management and optimization for all your printing needs, and also make a dramatic cut in your business’ printing costs. These costs could include:

  • pages produced by office workers, mobile workers and production operations
  • office desktop printers, multi-function printers, copiers, scanners, fax machines, high-volume printers
  • materials sent out for quick printing, offset printing, mailing and distribution
  • IT help desk support, technical service, maintenance
  • paper, ink, toner, other supplies and consumables, etc.

Cost of printing accounts for up to 15% of a business’ annual spending on average. Bottom line is MPS allows you to outsource print management and cut costs from 10-30%. By consolidating all these services into one company, it’s possible to cut costs and waste, and improve the productivity of your business. Below are 7 ways your business could be benefiting from MPS.

Reduction & Consolidation

One of the first steps to greatly improving the productivity of your printing services is to reduce the amount of printers you have on hand and consolidate hardware, consumables and support staff into one cohesive unit. This process starts with an analysis of your existing setup and getting rid of the excess while obtaining the most efficient pieces of equipment for the job. Reducing the printer count significantly and getting back to basics will result in savings and lower energy bills. Less wasted ink and paper means you can make major cutbacks on waste and have a better eye on what is being printed in your company.

Consolidating one hardware and consumer vendor allows you to benefit from having common features and controls with your printing. When you have just one source of consumables and hardware, you will only have to contact one source if you ever run into any printer-related issues. Procurement will happen automatically for supplies like ink, toners, or maintenance kits. A good MPS provider gives you high-quality, original supplies, ensuring great prints while maximizing reliability at a competitive price. Once, the reduction and consolidation phase is initiated, the printing environment of your business is about to transform into a well-oiled machine.

Simplified Budget & Predictable Costs

The days of costly printer repairs and replacements are over as soon as you implement print management. MPS makes it possible to track hardware costs and make them predictable, making unexpected hardware bills a thing of the past. Instead of buying hardware, you can lease it. This means you won’t have the unfortunate instance of buying a machine that is near the end of its life. MPS allows you to know what you will spending every month allowing for a steady, simple budget.

Real-time Analysis, Data & Strategy

One of the coolest things about Managed Print Services is the ability to conduct real-time analysis. Regular data reports enables you to tweak workflow, readjust hardware requirements, and also ensures that users are using resources effectively. With the right management tools and expertise, MPS can help you take control of every aspect of your company’s printing process. You can work with your provider to develop a strategy that accounts for the changing needs of your business. Whether it’s adopting mobile devices, new information workflows or cloud computing, MPS can adapt to whatever plans your business has for the future.

Minimal Downtime

Paper-feed problems, ink/toner shortages, driver problems, and breakdowns are all possible scenarios that could go wrong in an office setting. When using MPS, the downtime is minimized to just a few hours in some cases, so that your employees will never notice the difference. A good MPS provider will ensure all printers and multi-function devices are up-to-date and in tip-top shape, stocked on consumables and ready to handle whatever your business throws its way. Since MPS allows for real-time analysis of your machines, it’s like having an OnStar service for all your printers, scanners, fax machines, etc. This allows you and your employees to focus on the business, while MPS focuses on keeping your printing service on its “A-game.”

Enhanced Document Security

The last thing any business wants is to have sensitive documents abandoned in the printer tray. MPS management tools make it easier to track print jobs and encourage secure practices. Strategies like this help users consciously think about what they are printing, how they are printing it, and why they are printing. This will get employees in the habit of making sure they are printing in the most cost-effective and secure way possible.

Reduced Printing Costs

The end result of all these benefits is a significant reduction in printing costs for your business. Many companies don’t take the time to manage their printing properly or track the costs, even though they could be saving tons of money with a different strategy. It would be a good idea for your business to be ahead of the curve and to take advantage of the technology that is available through MPS. MPS puts all the pieces of the printing puzzle together so you and your company can save big on printing costs. According to a study by US Consultancy, Photizo Group, companies that use MPS can cut their printing costs by an average of 30%. The time for your business to take advantage of MPS is now.