Managed Print Services

Austin business owners are uniquely motivated by efficiency and the goal of being environmentally friendly.   We’re proud to partner with Xerox to offer leading-edge managed print services that allow you to accurately assess your printing needs, select the best options and make sure those printing devices are monitored and serviced appropriately.

Control Costs and Reduce Downtime

Managed print services not only help you ‘see’ and control your printing better, but they also allow you to save money and increase productivity.   ‘Printing’ encompasses your printers, your documents and the team members who work on your devices (including desktop printers, multifunction printers, copiers, scanners and fax machines).  For larger businesses, printing costs can account for up to 15% of total annual expenditures.   Managing and controlling all of these elements can significantly reduce these costs.

Plan Ahead for Smart Printing

We conduct an initial thorough audit of your printing capabilities.  Once we’ve established an infrastructure for printing that makes sense, we’ll monitor your printing activity.  We’ll be able to identify upcoming shortages of supplies and potential printer issues before they happen.  We can also make sure that any of your employees can securely access your printing capabilities remotely. Additionally, we’ll make sure your printing capabilities are fully integrated into your IT infrastructure.

Finally, an important part of successful printer management (and IT management) is to ensure that unnecessary paper printing isn’t occurring when digital records could be used more efficiently and cost-effectively.