Microsoft Ends Support for SQL Server 2005

SQL Server 2005 was released eleven years ago. And as of April 12, 2016–about three weeks ago–Microsoft has ended extended support for it. This was not a surprise announcement. And though many businesses will not have made a transition yet to SQL Server 2014 v12 (or Azure SQL Database), they should!

Now’s the time to move if you haven’t. When Microsoft ends support, it means hotfixes and security updates are no longer being offered. And while that does increase your security vulnerability–which is a very real concern–it also increases your business’ liability. That is, if you are running an unprotected SQL Server, you are not covered by insurance in or service agreements if your data (or your customers’ data) is breached. And not only will you increase your data protection, you’ll also be accessing some very real performance benefits.

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