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What is The Difference Between SharePoint and OneDrive?

Our IT experts break down the pros and cons of SharePoint and OneDrive for business and personal use.

What Are Managed Services?

Is your IT support in-house or outsourced? We’ll help you understand how using managed services can save you time, money and improve productivity.

What is the Cloud?

As a business owner you probably hear about ‘the cloud’ pretty often. But do you know what it is or how it’s beneficial? We’ll help you understand all you need to know about cloud computing.

What is Exchange Online?

Microsoft’s Exchange Online allows you to by-pass the management and costs associated with maintaining Exchange servers. Our IT experts explain this and other benefits of using Exchange Online.

Microsoft Ends Support For SQL Server 2005

Support for SQL Server 2005 ended in April 2016. Have you switched to SQL Server 2014 v12 yet? We’ll explain how this change affects your business.

What Is Office 365?

You don’t have to download Office 365 any more. Microsoft has made it completely accessible by using the cloud. We’ll explain how this change is beneficial.

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing platform for businesses. Azure offers a growing list of outsourced computing services.

What is Microsoft EMS?

Microsoft EMS, or Enterprise Mobility Suite, is Microsoft’s comprehensive solution allowing businesses to manage data and applications for employees across mobile devices.

What is A Firewall?

Firewalls protect networks from unwanted traffic and are an essential piece of network and software security.

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of malware that holds your data or network hostage by encrypting it.

What Is The Difference Between RTO and RPO?

RTO and RPO are critical measurements when designing your data back-up and disaster recovery solution.

What Does the LinkedIn Purchase Mean for Microsoft Users?

On June 13th, Microsoft purchased Linkedin for 26.2 billion dollars in cash. What does it all mean?

Delve Analytics’ Brilliantly Simple Way To Greater Productivity

Microsoft Delve is a smart app that uses machine learning to give you quicker insights into your business.

Microsoft Announces Windows-As-A-Service

At its Worldwide Partners Conference, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 will become a service.

The Benefits of A Static IP Address

We outline the many benefits of using a static IP address.

How To Protect Your Business From Phishing Emails

Phishing emails threaten your employees’ personal information as well as company information and property.

What the New Dropbox Hack Means for Your Business

What you need to be concerned about as a business owner with the recent security breach at Dropbox.

What is the Cloud?

As a business owner you probably hear about ‘the cloud’ pretty often. But do you know what it is or how it’s beneficial? We’ll help you understand all you need to know about cloud computing.

Disc Image Backup Versus File-Level Backup

Every business needs a secure, managed data back-up. It’s the key to being protected against disasters and ransomware attacks.

What is Two Factor Authentication?

With the increase in phishing attacks and other attempts at stealing network access credentials, many businesses would benefit from implement multi-factor authentication to increase security.

Whaling Attacks Are on the Rise

You’ve probably heard of phishing attacks at this point. But are you familiar with ‘whaling attacks?

The Threat of DDoS Attacks and Botnet

Recently, there’s been a lot of talk about Distributed Denial-of-Service (or DDoS) attacks. So what is a DDoS attack?

Microsoft Teams – The Office 365 Slack Killer

On November 2, Microsoft made big news by introducing its newest collaboration software for Office 365 – Microsoft Teams. Find out more about Microsoft Teams and how it wins over Slack.

HIPAA Cybersecurity Basics

HIPAA –and specifically the HIPAA Security Rule—requires all medical practices to take certain steps to protect electronic Protected Health Information, or ePHI.

IaaS vs Paas: Cloud Basics

Infrastructure as a Service vs Platform as a Service.