Managed Security

The cybersecurity threat to all organizations is significant and growing.  Our services are designed to ensure comprehensive, layered and active protection from threats.  We actively monitor our clients’ systems twenty four hours per day, 365 days per year. 

Patching, Malware Protection and Anti-Virus

All of our managed services offerings include active software patching to make sure vulnerabilities are addressed promptly on a regular basis.  We also provide protection from malware on all of your systems as well as leading anti-virus protection and regular anti-virus updating.

Network Protection

We provide layered, defense-in-depth protection for networks, including managed, monitored firewall services and intrusion detection.  We can provide penetration testing when needed.


We can encrypt sensitive data both at rest and in transit, including data residing on mobile devices.

Cybersecurity Training

Phishing emails and ransomware attacks are growing in frequency.  The last line of defense is the human element–employee practices.  Our online training videos and practice emails help employees learn what dangerous emails look like and remain vigilant.