Data Back-Up and Disaster Recovery

Magnet Solutions Group provides data recovery and business continuity solutions for Austin businesses that give you the strongest peace of mind available. Having a secure data recovery and back-up solution for your business–including the client data that you control–is absolutely critical today. The statistics suggest that small and medium-sized businesses that face a disaster and lose their digital data have a very high chance of going out of business. And depending on the industry you’re in, you might also face serious liability issues.

Magnet Solutions Group provides a managed back-up that will allow you to get your employees back up and running in case of a disaster and allow you to retrieve your complete data from the day before–or even five minutes before should you need it. And all of your data resides securely in protected data centers and is encrypted both in transit and at rest.


Managed Data Back-Up Solutions

Your data recovery and back-up solution is fully managed by our technicians to make sure it is active and functioning properly and is tested regularly to make sure your data can in fact be pulled online quickly in case of disaster. There’s no need anymore for a business not to be able to function for an extended period simply because the network has gone down.