The Benefits of Having Your Network Proactively Monitored

Reasons to Have Your Network Monitored by an IT Company

Still not convinced that Austin managed IT services is worth the investment? Here are some of the top benefits of having your network proactively monitored.

2248253762_c893df7b34_bProtects Against Data Breach

Data breaches have become an all-too-common occurrence among business entities today. From the recent attacks on health insurers like Premera and Anthem, Inc. to retailers such as Target, Home Depot and Hanesbrands, cyber crime is becoming more prevalent in today’s ever-connected world. Whether it’s retail, business-to-business (B2B), or government and nonprofits, data breaches are a serious threat that must addressed.

According to a 12th annual US State of Cybercrime Survey, 69% of U.S. executives are fearful that cyber threats will impact their growth. What’s even more alarming, however, is that a Cost of Data Breach Study sponsored by IBM found the average consolidated cost of a data breach to total more than $3.8 million. Can you afford to pay that much for a single breach?

“The United States faces real [cybersecurity] threats from criminals, terrorists, spies, and malicious cyber actors,” said FBI Director James B. Comey when speaking at a recent cybersecurity summit. “The playground is a very dangerous place right now,” he added.

But you don’t have to place your company at risk for data breach or other cyber crimes. Having your network proactively monitored by a professional IT company will ensure that vulnerabilities are caught and fixed before they progress into an actual breach. The IT company will monitor your network, looking for vulnerabilities, as well as suspicious activity, such as multiple login attempts or login attempts from foreign-based IP addresses. Using this information, the IT company overseeing your network can implement the necessary safeguards to better protect your data.

Improves Network Performance

Austin managed IT services offers more than just protection against data breaches. It will also improve your network’s speed and overall performance. When you’re busy discussing deals with clients, ordering new product, launching marketing campaigns, and doing the countless number of other tasks that go into running a successful business, it’s easy to overlook network optimization. However, neglecting your network will result in slower speeds, bogging down resources while creating digital gridlocks in the process.

Rather than attempting to optimize your company’s network yourself, you should outsource the job to a professional IT company. They have both the expertise and tools necessary to improve your network’s performance while ensuring it’s running smoothly and as intended.

Decreased Workload for Staff

Yet another reason to have your network proactively monitored is because it will reduce the workload for your staff. To say managing a large-scale network is difficult would be an understatement. It requires extensive practical experience, up-to-date knowledge–and the right software tools. Some companies may attempt to monitor their own networks, only to realize later that it’s more difficult than they had originally thought.

Placing the security of your network in the hands of a professional Austin managed IT services firm will give you peace of mind knowing that experts are handling it. And as a result, your staff can allocate their time and energy towards other aspects of running and growing your business.

Reduced Downtime

It’s no secret that downtime can be disastrous to companies. When your network goes offline, you may be forced to halt all new orders, costing you both sales and customer loyalty (customers may choose another company in the future). You can prevent unnecessary instances of downtime, however, by having your network proactively monitored. With less downtime, you’ll reap the benefits of increased sales and improved customer satisfaction.