Disc Image Back Up and File Level Backup

Today, every business needs a secure, managed data back-up. It’s the key to being protected against disasters and ransomware attacks.

Two different types of back-ups you’ll hear about are file-level backups and image-based backups.

File-level backup (or file backup) only backs up files and folders chosen by the user. These files and folders can be set to back up at regular intervals, and generally only changed data is backed up each time. If you accidentally delete a file, this system will provide an easy way to restore that file information.

However, should an entire drive or computer go do down, restoration will be take longer, because the new computer will need to have the same operating systems and applications set-up and configured before individual files can be restored. Restoring all lost data will also require that all files on that computer were manually selected to be backed up.

Image-based backup allows you to copy the state of your computer at a given time. This includes everything—file data, operating systems, application configurations. Image-based backup makes sure all data is backed-up and allows for fast restoration on a new computer (or restoration as a virtual machine or even a virtual machine in the cloud). And should you just need to restore a single file, image-based backups will allow you to do that as well.