Using Password Managers

One of the ways to handle lots of passwords today without using the same (or very similar passwords for all of your accounts) is to use a password manager.

The idea of a password manager is that it will generate, retrieve, and keep track of long and random passwords for all of your accounts (and keep PINs and credit card numbers) and will use very strong encryption to protect these passwords.

You’re left with remembering a single password to access your password manager. And paying a yearly fee, of course.

For most people, using one of the major password manager brands will significantly increase your personal online security.And you’ll also get access to other features, such as alerts when there’s a reported breach at a site or service you use and even the ability to automatically update old, weak passwords across some sites.

You can even use browser extensions to allow your password manager to auto-fill passwords on the site you use.

You can choose providers that let you store your passwords locally if you’re not comfortable having them all in one place in the cloud.