The Transition to Remote Work

Whenever the full resolution of the Covid upheaval happens, it seems clear that in the business world, remote work will continue to be much more prevalent than it was before the pandemic. Covid has given a rocket boost to remote worker trends, perhaps quickening the pace of adoption by 20 years according to some estimates.

So what are some of the key IT considerations for businesses with remote workers?

Maybe the first consideration is whether employees will be allowed to use personal devices for business when working remotely. There’s no uniform correct answer to this–it depends on a number of considerations, including security and liability considerations related to data privacy.

Are there going to need to be software additions? This isn’t just teleconferencing software, but also possibly more robust intra-company communication platforms.

How about network speed? Will employees be responsible for having sufficiently high-speed connections?

Finally, overall network security will need to be taken into account. This includes not only secure network access but, for some businesses, considerations of physical access to employee hardware at their homes.