The Benefits of Domain Privacy

It seems like the problem of spam is getting worse and worse. One of the reasons it can feel oppressive is the number of areas it can hit you: your inbox, your phone, even by text message today.

Business owners get a lot of spam.  One of the best ways to limit this plague is to pay the extra fee to your website domain registrar to purchase domain privacy.

When you own a website domain, your contact information is listed by ICANN (the non-profit that runs website naming internationally) with your domain. Anybody can look it up by doing what’s called a WHOIS lookup.

Though ICANN prohibits using WHOIS information for marketing purposes, this of course doesn’t stop a lot of shady companies from doing exactly that.

So, consider purchasing domain privacy from your registrar (usually for a small annual fee) and take away one major way business spammers are finding you.