Moving to Windows 365

Microsoft offers two main suites of software that millions of businesses around the world use: Office 365, its online version of Office applications, and Windows, its operating system (the latest version being Windows 10).

Microsoft 365 is relatively new offering that combines Windows 10 and Office 365 as a single, online-accessible subscription product.  Microsoft 365 includes parts or all of Office 365 (depending on your version), Enterprise Mobility + Security, and Windows 10. 

Businesses can manage Windows 365 from a single portal.

Today, many businesses run Office 365 along with traditional on-premise installations of Windows 10.  If this includes your business, you may want to consider transitioning to Windows 10.

If you’re looking to add additional security options to your Office 365 accounts, needing to purchase new Windows licenses (Windows 7’s end-of-life will be arriving soon), or looking to simplify budgeting and management, Microsoft 365 is a strong option worth considering.