Microsoft Prepares to Launch Office 2016

Microsoft’s Office Applications Updated

While anticipation of of a new-generation Office suite has been circulating on the Internet for months, Microsoft has now officially confirmed the upcoming software. The Redmond-based multinational technology company has said that Office 2016 will be released to the public on September 22, 2015. (It turns out this has been the start of a staggered release.)


So, what kind of changes did Microsoft make to its Office software suite? As noted by Microsoft’s Julia White, Office 2016 is one of the more significant releases for Office, adding several features and enhancements to improve the popular ecosystem for users.

In March, we announced the Office 2016 IT Pro and Developer Preview. Since then, we’ve been listening to your feedback and continuing to build, refine and improve Office 2016 for Windows,” said Julia White, Microsoft Office Executive, in a blog post announcing the company’s new software.. “This is a seminal release for Office and one you won’t want to wait to deploy to your users, and thanks to the many new IT management enhancements, you don’t need to wait!


Office 2016 is following in the footsteps of Google Docs by supporting the use of multiple authors. Known as “co-authoring,” this new feature will allow two or more authors to work on the same document simultaneously. If you are tasked with writing one section of a paper and another worker is tasked with writing a different section, you can both work on the document at the same time thanks to Office 2016’s co-authoring feature. Keep in mind, however, that the document must be uploaded to Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud platform, and both users must be given editing permissions.

Data Loss Protection

Another feature that’s being introduced in Office 2016 is Data Loss Protection (DLP). This feature is designed to scan content in real-time to identify sensitive/important data such as credit card numbers, bank account numbers, usernames and passwords, Social Security numbers, etc. As noted by Microsoft, DLP will provide additional oversight to Information Technology (IT) professionals, helping them organize and secure their data with greater ease.

Increased DPI

You can expect Office 2016 to look better than previous versions of the software. The new version will offer higher Dots Per Inches (DPI) support for 250% and 300% viewing. Subsequently, this will improve the detail and overall picture quality when using Office 2016 on large monitors.

Insights for Office

Granted, Insights for Office has been around in Word and Outlook, but it’s just now being added to Excel and PowerPoint in the upcoming Office 2016 release. How does this feature work? Insights for Office helps users learn more about their content by automatically pulling relevant information from the web. If you are writing about cars, for instance, Insights for Office may automatically search for cars on Bing Snapshop, Wikipedia, and Bing Images, at which point you can add the information to your document. Keep in mind, however, that the content pulled from this feature is based on the text you are writing.

Enhanced Security

Ask any Austin managed IT services provider and they’ll agree: cybersecurity has become a top priority among software developers, and Microsoft is no exception. The upcoming Office 2016 suite has several new security enhancements, including multi-factor-authentication (MFA). This will reportedly increase the security of Office 2016 by adding extra layers of security while still maintaining a single sign-on.

‘Tell Me’

Remember that annoying talking paperclip in previous versions of Microsoft Office? When you couldn’t find the answer to a question, you were usually forced to ask the paperclip. Well, Microsoft has done away with the talking paperclip, replacing it with a more modern ‘Tell Me’ feature instead.  Found in the upper right corner, the ‘Tell Me’ box will allow users to quickly add images and troubleshoot problems — and it will not be animated like the talking paperclip (phew!).

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