Major Breaches, 2019 Edition

It seems like news of security breaches has become so common, so frequent that they all blend together. When you stop and look at a list of major breaches from the past year, the scale of the threat becomes starker.

So, here is a reminder of some of the big and notable breaches from 2019.

November: T Mobile — affecting about 1 million customers.

September: Novaestrat — affecting nearly every one in Ecuador.

August: CafePress — affecting about 23 million users.

July: Capital One — affecting about 100 million people.

June: LabCorp — affecting about 7.7 million customers.

June: Quest Diagnostics — affecting about 11 million customers.

May: Canva — affecting about 139 million customers.

May: First American Financial — 885 million records.

March: Dow Jones — 2.4 million records.