The Enterprise Mobility Suite

Microsoft’s Answer for The Consumerization of IT


Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite–more commonly referred to as EMS–is Microsoft’s answer to the issue of managing access and security in an age when company employees are using their personal devices for work (BYOD or CYOD).

It’s an umbrella package that includes Azure Active Directory Premium, Microsoft Intune and Azure Rights Management at a price that is discounted from purchasing those three services separately.

Managing Access Across Devices

The challenge for businesses and their IT admins is that everybody it seems now wants to work on their own mobile devices and have quick access to company data and apps while the business needs to maintain security.  EMS allows for very granular control from the admin panel for allowing or not allowing access to business apps and data and maintaining consistent employee log-in credentials across not only the Office 365 suite, but also third-party apps.  EMS works across all devices, including Android, iPhone, and of course Windows devices.