Developing An Incident Response Plan

It’s of course best to do everything you can within reason and appropriate budget to avoid cybersecurity incidents at your business.

However, you do need to be prepared to respond to a serious cybersecurity event, such as a hack or other breach. No defenses or planning can ensure 100% security.

In the case of a critical event, time is of the essence. Who needs to be informed on your team? What information is needed? What steps should be taken in every situation? What information needs to be documented? Sorting these questions out at the time of an incident isn’t an option.

Good cybersecurity planning means composing and Incident Response Plan, with assigned roles and procedures–including communication procedures. With the plan in hand, there should be at least annual practice of responding to an incident.

Depending on the size of your business, these plans can be simple or more involved.

Having an Incident Response Plan that is known and understood is one of the best ways to mitigate damages and expenses in the case of a cybersecurity incident.