You’ll hear about encryption and hashing a lot when talking about internet security. And though sometimes people use these terms interchangeably, they’re incorrect when they do that. Hashing and encryption are two different processes. Let’s start with encryption. Encryption is a two-way process — if you have a ‘key,’ you can decrypt an encrypted message. […]


Whenever the full resolution of the Covid upheaval happens, it seems clear that in the business world, remote work will continue to be much more prevalent than it was before the pandemic. Covid has given a rocket boost to remote worker trends, perhaps quickening the pace of adoption by 20 years according to some estimates. […]


The FBI, security software vendors and security professionals have all noted an unfortunate aspect of the coronavirus epidemic in the online world: increased phishing attempts attempting to exploit the situation. Phishing attacks are fraudulent attempts to gain access to sensitive information such as financial account information, credit card numbers or passwords by using communications that […]

safe cloud

One of the major paradigm shifts in IT for businesses of all sizes — but especially small business — is the move to the cloud. There has been resistance to this from many small businesses because of concerns about data loss and data security. But the truth of the matter is that in many, many […]


It seems like news of security breaches has become so common, so frequent that they all blend together. When you stop and look at a list of major breaches from the past year, the scale of the threat becomes starker. So, here is a reminder of some of the big and notable breaches from 2019. […]


There are lots of compelling reasons to move to the ‘cloud.’ Fear of getting left behind because ‘everybody’s doing it’ isn’t one of them. The compelling reasons for moving to the cloud–that is, adopting remote data-center-based storage, applications and infrastructure–include key benefits such as predictable subscription pricing, avoiding hardware upkeep, avoiding heavy up-front capital expenditures, […]