Austin IT is Up in the Clouds

The term “cloud computing” has been floating around the Austin IT world for close to 10 years.  Recently, the term has become part of our regular vernacular although I don’t believe most people really understand its meaning or implications–even here in tech-friendly Austin.

Cloud Computing Solutions in Austin, TX

Cloud computing is a growing suite of services offered by third parties which allow Austin businesses and individuals to replace most of their in-house computing resources including; hardware, software, networking components, storage, security systems, cooling and electricity with those of a third party provider.  These remote resources offer vastly more redundancy and scalability while relieving the client of the time consuming responsibilities of buying, installing and managing such infrastructure.

We all use electricity and rely on our utility company to provide the infrastructure necessary to handle our demands as they change throughout the seasons or as our home or businesses grow.  Few of us are aware (or care) what is involved on their end in order to make this happen.  We simply are confident they are prepared to deal with and meet our needs.  A cloud computing vendor is no different.  We expect them to meet our IT services and computing demands as they wax and wane with our needs.  Payment to these vendors is also similar to how we pay for utilities; pay for what you use as you use it.

Understanding Virtualization in Cloud Computing

Cloud-based computing should cut costs while allowing users to focus on their business rather than be burdened with surmounting the ever-growing list of information technology complications.

Additionally, it is important to understand one concept which is making cloud computing such a viable option–virtualization.  Virtualization is a method of separating a computing device into one or more “virtual” devices.  Most importantly, virtualization provides us the ability to make use of idle computing resources allocating those resources for other uses, thus increasing computing efficiency and utilization.  The result; faster operations and reduced cost.

Cloud computing continues to evolve.  Magnet Solutions Group, servicing Austin and the surrounding area, offers a number of cloud solutions.  In our offerings we have included several “private cloud” options.  What?  Private cloud?  Isn’t that contrary to the definition outlined above?  Well, not really–it’s just a modification of it.  A private cloud can sometimes be a reasonably-priced alternative to subscribed cloud services.  It may be that you only need access to shared data for collaboration, either remotely or at a number of business locations.  A simple “cloud” of devices operating over encrypted connections to multiple locations may be an option suitable for your business.

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There is far more to cloud computing than I have mentioned here.  Individuals and businesses need to explore private clouds, public clouds and hybrid clouds as well as service offerings/architecture like Software as a Service (SaaS – Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS – Amazon, Rackspace), Data as a Service (DaaS – Amazon RDS, Google BigTable) and Platform as a Service (PaaS – Amazon Web Services, Windows Azure, Google App Engine).

In closing, if you are interested in moving in the cloud direction, I would recommend you start small.  First, call Magnet Solutions Group and have us perform a needs assessment so you are aware of the risks and costs involved.  You may find that a leap to the cloud is…no leap at all.