5 Unsung Office 365 Apps You Should Know About

One of the advantages of Office 365 is that you get access to a lot of apps–including new ones that Microsoft bundles into Office 365 for free.

Some of these fly under the radar and never get noticed or used. Here are 5 that you should be aware of.


Microsoft’s answer to Slack.Team’s is a messaging app for your employees to use for internal communications and collaboration.

You can create channels for specific topics, message people one-on-one, or create groups. It’s often a better option than email.

Microsoft is moving its internal collaboration focus from Skype for Business to Teams.


Flow is Microsoft’s answer to Zapier. It allows you to automate simple, repetitive tasks between different programs.

Flow can be a huge time saver.


Sway is an alternative to PowerPoint for interactive presentations. Many users find it easier and faster to use.

To Do

To DO a basic to-do list program.  It’s just an easy way to manage your to do lists and keep them under control, right inside your Office applications.


Stream’s an internal/private video platform for your business. If you have videos (for instance, employee training videos) that you only want to share internally (as opposed to publishing publicly on YouTube, for instance), Stream gives you a channel to do that.